Daimler AG Preparing To Bring Electric Trucks, Van In India

Daimler AG Preparing To Bring Electric Trucks, Van In India
Daimler AG Preparing To Bring Electric Trucks, Van In India

Automaker Daimler AG is Preparing for a new era of electric mobility, today showcased concepts of an all-electric truck, van and production ready Fuso eCanter which it plans to launch in India.

Commercial vehicle maker Daimler AG has completed five years in India with the Bharat Benz brand and expanded its portfolio with the country’s first ever Euro V compliant truck.

Last week launched the Fuso e Canter electric truck in New York. The Tesla’s upcoming electric semi-truck, the German auto giant said that it has the technology, products and understanding of producing electric commercial vehicles and is ready to bring the same to India.

Speaking to reporters at the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition here, Daimler AG Member Board of Management Wolfgang Bernhard said the company “is opening the door on a new era, e-mobility for urban areas”.

He further said: “We present many industry firsts that make our vehicles more efficient and safe. And we offer our customers connectivity services to make work-life easier and significantly increase the up time of our trucks.” This truck will be produces zero emissions and runs silently, yet it is equivalent to a truck with an internal combustion engine in terms of load and performance.

The Daimler AG truck, with a gross weight of 26 tonnes, can operate in three different modes, which optimises the way it’s driven and the use of the energy available. It can handle a 200km range from one full charge.

The Daimler AG expects to be launched the product in “mature markets” after 2020

The Mercedes-Benz all electric automated van has been named ‘Vision Van’ and will be introduced in 2018.

“The Vision Van evolved as part of the strategic future initiative ‘adVANce’. With adVANce, Mercedes-Benz Vans is developing from a mere van manufacturer to a supplier of holistic system solutions,” the company said.

The van features a fully integrated cargo space, drones for autonomous air deliveries and joystick control. It is powered by a 75 kW electric drive system with a range of 270 km.

Daimler also premiered the third generation of Fuso eCanter at the biennial show here. “A small series of the third generation of this light duty truck, up to 6 tonnes of gross vehicle weight, will be delivered to customers in Europe, the US and Japan as of 2017,” the Stuttgart-based firm said.

Commenting on it further, Daimler Trucks Asia Head Marc Llistosella said the the new Fuso eCanter is an economically attractive alternative to the diesel engine.

“Due to the rapidly improving battery efficiency, combined with significantly lower costs, we intend to launch the vehicle at a competitive price,” he added.

The vehicle, targeted at last mile delivery, has a range of around 100 kms, depending on load.

Source: Car and Bike