Fiat Punto has been discontinued in Europe & Fiat’s future in Europe is small, electric car

Fiat's future in Europe is small, electric

Fiat Punto has been discontinued in Europe. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Europe executives have revealed that going forward, the company would focus on models like the 500 and its electric versions as well as the Panda. In addition to the Punto, Fiat has also axed the Tipo in the European market.

ast week, Sergio Marchionne, FCA CEO, said that the decision to axe the Punto was taken in the wake of new emission norms and growing price-competitiveness. In comparison, the Panda and 500 have been generating decent sales. He said he needed to cut products that lacked pricing power. “Given the EU (future emissions) regulations, it is very difficult for mass-market carmakers to be very profitable,” Marchionne told analysts. In 2017, the 500 sold 190,389 units, while the Panda came second in the mini car segment in Europe with 187,682 units. The Volkswagen Up at 98,929 units occupied the third position. The 500 will get full-electric and mild hybrid powertrains, FCA’s CO2 reduction presentation on Friday showed. The 500L and 500X will get mild hybrid powertrains but no full-electric versions.

“Our plan is to focus the Fiat brand on products that are able to cover the cost of the new electrified technologies,” Marchionne said. The full-electric 500 will give Fiat a car that will appeal to buyers in cities where access to internal combustion will be restricted, he said.

In India, the sales of the Fiat Punto and the Linea aren’t any different as well. Both the hatchback and the mid-size sedan hardly sell around 150-200 units cumulatively. It’s high-time, Fiat gave a thought on its India plans to cater to the enthusiasts here.

Fiat Punto Discontinuation

– Fiat Punto sales on the decline in Europe

– The hatchback will be replaced with a 5-door version of the 500

– The 5-door version of the 500 will be built in Poland

Source – Auto News


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