IIT-Roorkee Three Mechanical Students Developed Inflatable Airbag Helmet

Inflatable Airbag Helmet

IIT-Roorkee three mechanical students have developed an inflatable airbag helmet for two-wheeler motorists. This idea has been inspired from inflatable space structures which are not too expensive and are used for many space applications such as an inflatable space antenna. Once the proper production model of the helmet is ready, it could be priced somewhere between approx Rs 2,000.

The helmet is basically a collar made out of Kevlar (same material used to make bullet-proof vests) and it houses sensors for lean angle, velocity, acceleration.

The moment, the collar detects an impact; it inflates into an airbag and forms a cushioning layer around the head so as to protect from major injuries. The airbag that surrounds the head helps to lessen the impact and peak acceleration which is what harms the head the most. It will be save millions of life.

Source: Car & Bike


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