Maruti Suzuki rolls out new safety rules for Showrooms in the country


The company has rolled out new safety rules for its showrooms which are aimed at ensuring good hygiene and sanitization. According to the new guidelines, social distancing will be maintained at dealerships. Hand sanitizers will be provided at every touchpoint. The test drive cars will also be routinely cleaned.

Wearing a mask will be compulsory and the health of all showroom employees will be monitored daily through a wellness app. Employees who report good health for at least 14 consecutive days would be allowed to resume work. Dealerships will also introduce staggered lunch timings.

Customer cars will be fully disinfected before delivery. Also, employees visiting customers for doorstep delivery will have to wear masks at all times. They will also carry sanitizers.

With new standard operating procedures (SoP) in place, Maruti Suzuki dealerships have started to open and deliver cars to waiting customers.