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Mahindra Reva will be launching two new vehicles by the end of this year

Mahindra Reva will be launching two new vehicles by the end of this .This revelation was made by the company’s Senior General Manager, Pawan Sachdeva, at the 2nd National Workshop & Exhibition on FAME India.

Mr. Sachdeva commented that ” The company believes that inflexion point of the electric vehicle industry has been reached. We are going to launch two new products by the end of this year. We see a huge opportunity in this space,” said Pawan Sachdeva, senior general manager, Mahindra Reva. ”

He further added that about 42% of the total passenger electric vehicles ever sold internationally were in 2015.

He also suggested that the Indian market players, government, as well as customers need to look at the Chinese automotive market that that gives production subsidy apart from incentives for buyers on electric and hybrid vehicles.

China accounted for 34% of the global electric vehicles sales in 2015, where 1,76,627 EVs were sold.

On the other hand, Indian EV market sales stood at just 753 units in 2015-16.

Mahindra acquired controlling stake in Reva in the year 2010.

Currently, Mahindra is selling two pure electric cars in the Indian market – the e2O and the recently launched e-Verito.

If reports are to be believed, Mahindra is said to be working on two more products that will be launched by the end of the current year.

As for subsidies, India does give a few of them such as the NEMMP (National Electric Mobility Mission Plan) but these don’t seem to be sufficient enough to push the sales chart upwards.



Source: ET Auto

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