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Skoda electric SUV under development for 2020

Skoda will launch its first ever electric car in 2020, as a standalone SUV based on the all-new VW Group MEB battery-electric platform. The engineers from Skoda are working on the development of the first electric SUV from Skoda and targeting a range of more than 480kms, a 15-minute charging and reduce the cost compared to a combustion engine vehicle.

Skoda believes that EVs are bound to be more expensive than petrol/diesel powered cars. As a result, a customer who is spending a hefty amount on an EV would probably like to get a bigger car. Hence, an SUV electric vehicle makes more sense for the company.

The Skoda electric SUV will be using VW Group’s MEB battery-electric platform. The MEB platform was first introduced under the Volkswagen Budd-e MPV concept that was showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With this dedicated electric vehicle platform, VW Group is aiming to develop a car that has a range of 482.80 km and can be charged in 15 minutes. The batteries are located in the centre of the platform, below the car’s floor. This arrangement liberates more space at the rear to fit a third row of seats. koda is reading to launch its first exclusive SUV, the Kodiaq in the global market in 2017 or probably early 2017.

Source: Autocar India

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