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Tata Motors has launched a series of eco-friendly buses in India. This range includes Star-bus Hybrid (12 m) and Ultra Star-bus Electric (9 m & 12 m). and displayed a range of smart buses designed, developed and powered by alternate fuels. Tata Motors also showcased the country’s first Fuel Cell Bus(12m), LNG Powered bus (12m), […]

Engine oil performs many functions. It stops all the metal surfaces in the engine from grinding together and tearing themselves apart from friction, and it transfers heat away from the combustion cycle. Engine oil also holds in suspension all the nasty by-products of combustion like silica (silicon oxide) and acids. Finally, engine oil minimises the […]

JBM Solaris – a joint-venture between Indian auto component maker JBM Auto and Polish Solaris Bus & Coach – will invest Rs 300 crore for making India’s first 100 percent electric buses Ecolife in the country. The joint-venture will make the investment towards engineering, design and development, manufacturing, supply chain development among other focus areas […]