Bike & Scooty Fuel Economy Tips for Save Fuel


  1. If your bike gives you maximum mileage it means that you keep your bike well serviced and your engine is in good condition. So maintain your bike and service it in correct time as manufacture schedule.

  2. Check your bike’s air pressure once in a week if you are using it frequently. Make the air pressure optimum, no less air (because it increases the tyre friction) and also no need of more air, more air will not increase the mileage; it will only decrease your bike’s mileage. Feed air pressure as manufacture mentioned in owner manual.

  3. Ride your Bike in optimum speed (38~55 km\hr).Riding above or below this speed will consume more fuel.

  4. Drive smoothly, accelerate and de-accelerate uniformly. And avoid sudden brakes also.

  5. While starting your bike and wait for at-least 15 seconds to warm-up the bike’s engine and start fuel flow.

  6. Use clutch only while shifting gears. Avoid slipping of clutch! Use clutch smoothly.

  7. Always try to ride in highest gears. Don’t decrease the gears always according to the speed. Try to drive through turns without decreasing gears.

  8. Check your petrol valves, Turn off the valve while bike is in rest.

  9. Don’t drive your bike long distances while it is in reserve mode, because it will decrease your bike’s fuel efficiency.

  10. Selecting the best petrol pump has got a   major role in mileage. Feeding the best quality petrol will make your bike’s engine healthier and always try to use same type of petrol.

  11. In your bike there may be unwanted fittings and all remove those things so you can decrease weight and increase mileage.

  12. Drive your bike in less sound so it will give you possible maximum mileage (Try to avoid more engine sound).

  13. Adjust drive chain tension correctly.

  14.  Tyre should be in good condition.

  15. Feed petrol to your bike in the morning (you will get more fuel because it is in the minimized form due to cooling) avoid filling in the noon and afternoon time because at that time you will get only less fuel because of fuel expansion due to heating.

  16. Use only normal fuel. Don’t use premium fuel it is not recommended.

  17. Make air/fuel mixture lean.

  18. Change the engine oil, change the air filter, and change the spark plug if necessary as per manufacture schedule.

  19. Check brake system for free moment of wheel.

  20. Do not raise the engine rpm during traffic halts; switch “OFF” the engine if the halt is more than 30 seconds. (Save Fuel) 

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  • A Motorcycling Blog July 27, 2016 at 7:20 pm

    Hi could you please explain the number 7? – “Always try to ride in highest gears. Don’t decrease the gears always according to the speed. Try to drive through turns without decreasing gears.”

    I’d like to know your take on that! Thanks

    • Gaadi Advisor July 29, 2016 at 4:18 pm

      thanks for sending message which has written 7 number is try to drive through turn without decreasing gears. E.g- you are going straight in top gear, Before entering the corner/turn, you should have the correct speed, be in the correct gear, and have the throttle (slightly) turned on. Then you lean in, and you stay in the outside of the corner, with out shifting gear, you can be turn at same gear ratio (applicable for traffic condition)….. Thanks


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