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A Daily Check Up Of Your MotorCycle before You Drive

  • Operation of lights and horn.
  • Engine/transmission oil, clutch and brake fluid levels – any need for regular topping up is an indicator of a leak or other problem.
  • Tyre condition and tread depth – any cuts to the tyre needs to be attended to immediately as does tread worn unevenly or to the legal limit.
  • Check tyre pressure regularly when the tyres are cold. Under-inflation causes premature tyre wear and poor handling.
  • Ensure the chain is correctly adjusted and lubricated with a purpose specific chain lubricant.
  • Operation of controls such as clutch and brake levers, mirrors, gear shift and switches. Adjust if necessary so that they are working properly and can be used comfortably.
  • Adjust mirrors to provide the optimum field of vision to the rear and sides of the motorcycle. Careful positioning will reduce blind spots.
  • Ensure any luggage racks, top-box, panniers or bags are secure and not rubbing on the bike’s mechanical ormoving parts. Keep touring screens clear of bugs and smears.
  • Check Tool Kits
  • Keep Always- Registration Certificate, Valid Insurance, Driving Licence, Valid Pollution Certificate, First Aid Box.gaadiadvisor

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