Why is the Service Advisor so important?

Service Advisor with Customer

Customer satisfaction is well known as the key to the success of business. The Service Advisor plays a very important role in the success chain of the company and he works for customer satisfaction. The Service Advisor is the front-lines management of an automobile service department and direct contact with customers.

The Service Advisor serves as a link between dealer, customer and manufacture in recognizing customer needs and responsible for interacting with customers and providing information of product or service enquiries.

Service Advisor is always keep update with current vehicles and new upcoming technology and keeps huge knowledge in technical and mechanical for providing information to customers.

Service Advisor is not only knowledge about his organization and he has also knowledge about product, competitors and his customer. He works as a backbone of company.

Service Advisor handles the most incoming calls.

Service Advisor meets and greets more customers every day.

Service Advisor influences customer retention and CSI.

Service Advisor generates dealership loyalty.


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